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Our meetings are a demonstration and workshop for members to learn ikebana and share the beauty in The Art of Flowers

We are pleased to announce that this year we will once again be holding meetings in the newly rebuilt Garden Club Council Building. We have been without a home since a catastrophic fire in 2018 but are looking forward to once again having a place of our own. 


Ikebana International does not teach any single type of ikebana. Rather, it is an interest group made up of people of many nationalities who enjoy ikebana and other arts of Japan. Many of the members have studied ikebana; some have not.

Those who have studied ikebana have learned from many different schools. Some schools of ikebana stress classic styles; other focus on contemporary forms, and some blend the two. Each of the hundreds of schools of ikebana takes its own approach to arranging flowers. At I.I. meetings, students and teachers share openly their own schools' inspirations, styles, philosophy, history, and techniques.

2022/2023 Executive Board

President: Betsy Kaemmerlen

First Vice President: Joan Danforth

Second Vice President: Karen McMillan

Recording Secretary: Cheryl Martino

Treasurer: Cindy Sanders

Honorary Advisor: Lin Ko

Liaison to Japan: Hideko Rainey

Immediate  Past President: Valerie Marcil

Standing Committees

Programs: Karen McMillan

Membership: Vijaya Prabhu

Exhibition: Cindy Sanders

Tea: Annie Fan / John and Lucy Spence

Ways and Means: Jewell Patterson

Nominating: Lee Sipe


Hospitality: Moulikta Shaw

Historians: Doris Kahn/Lin Ko/Jean Davis

Sunshine: Doris Kahn

Social Networking: Betsy Kaemmerlen /John Spence

Website: John Spence / Betsy Kaemmerlen

Video: Valerie Marcil /John Spence

Photography: Betsy Kaemmerlen / Cheryl Martino /John Spence

GCC Liaison: Cheryl Martino

Yearbook: Valerie Marcil/John Spence

Event/Activity Chairs 

State Fair: Jewell Patterson

Orchids on the Riverbanks: Betsy Kaemmerlen


Sowing Seeds: Lucy Spence

SC Arts:

New Member Orientation: John Spence

Presentations: John Spence / Lin Ko

August Organizer: Joan Danforth

September Organizer : John Spence

October Organizer: Lin Ko

November Organizer: Betsy Kaemmerlen

January Organizer: Valerie Marcil

February Organizer: Lucy Spence

Annual Exhibition : Betsy Kaemmerlen

April Organizer: Sandy Pait

May Organizer: Betsy Kaemmerlen

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