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This is a new page we are developing both for our own reference and for public outreach. 

Kado - The Art of Flowers

This video features a demonstration by John Spence, instructor in the Sogetsu school. The video focuses on the application of Japanese aesthetics and philosophy to ikebana. Particularly it highlights what makes ikebana on art and differentiates it from Western flower arranging. The video was prepared for the April, 2022 Virtual Annual Exhibition. Click on the photo to go to the YouTube link.

Video Image.jpeg

Ikebana with Baskets

This video features a demonstration by Hideko Rainey, Riji (Sogetsu School) displaying her extensive collection of baskets. The video was created for chapter 182's virtual exhibition on May 26, 2021.

Baskets Title page.jpg

The following is a photo gallery of Hideko's finished arrangements from Ikebana with Baskets.

New Member Introduction and Orientation

This video is an introduction and orientation for New Members to Ikebana and Chapter 182

A Guide to Photographing Ikebana

by Ben Huybrechts.

The article is a succession of images. Click on the image and use the arrow keys to navigate.  

Published in Ikebana International Volume 63, Issue 2, Pages 54-57

Historical - Ohara, Study Plans and Flower Notes

Martha Neese was the founder of our Chapter and wrote this guide in 1981.  It has an invaluable listing of local plants/flowers and how to prepare them for the most longevity


How to Make Flower Arrangements Last Longer

Tutorial 1 Longer lasting arrangements.J

Ikebana Arrangements for Christmas

Thank you to The Spruce and the Author, Jamie McIntosh for linking Ikebana International in the article as a way to connect with other Ikebana practitioners. 

Article 4 Spruce Christmas Capture.JPG

Contemporary Flower Design and Ikebana Principles

Article 2 the spruce Capture.JPG

Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary

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