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March 7-31, 2024

Beginning on March 7th, 2024 until the end of the month (March 31), we are inviting all Ikebana practitioners worldwide to celebrate our 50th Anniversary with us and submit a photo of their ikebana arrangement to a virtual ikebana exhibition in this website. The theme for our exhibition is "Water Reflections". Please send all submissions to

We prefer a high quality (300 ppi) JPG format photo with your name, school and location. Submissions will be displayed here in this website.

Our Virtual Contributors from 5 Countries
Thank you for celebrating our 50th with us!

Susan Cano, Riji, Sogetsu School
Our Exhibition Presenter

Our Chapter 182 and 81 Members 
50th Anniversary Exhibition

Ikebana International Chapter 182
Anniversary Exhibition

Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary

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